Need help getting broken Toshiba Satellite lap top to power on again

I have an older Toshiba Satellite M45 S355 laptop.

It's a few years old (about 11 years I guess) but it worked just fine until one day, the power indicator light no longer came on (when it was plugged into the AC outlet and pressing the power button did nothing.

Although the battery is old and would only hold a charge for very short periods of time (under 1 hour)
the computer always came on. I tested the power wire with my multimeter and that's fine, so I know its not the PSU/cord.

I took the back cover off the laptop to see if a soldered connection broke where the power comes in, (after reading this is common over time from being moved and wiggled around). But my Toshiba has a few wires leading from it and no real way to physically see the inside of that female plug, to tell if it's faulty.

Thanks in advance for any ideas.

I even checked the on off button and it pops up and down as its supposed to.

Any ideas what might be causing it to not turn on? I'm sure its not battery related as it always turned on before, even with this really old battery.
I read it could be a Bad power supply, power button, and/or power board or inverter.
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  1. Sorry it took a while to post a reply on this. I had taken it all apart but the repair project got tabled for a while. Wife bought a new laptop, so this project got shuffled to the bottom of the to do list.

    I just ordered an adapter form Newegg to take all the info off the hard drive. I'll try testing the DC jack to see if the jack itself went bad and then decide from there. Its all taken apart already so I'm guessing as long as I'm careful not to short any disconnected wires, I should be able to put a multimeter on it and see if its getting any power.

    Can anyone tell me what a good power/ground signal from the dc jack should be? I just need to know where to set it at for testing the output on the DC jack

    I'm alright using a multimeter (on common household wiring or 12v auto electrical systems )
  2. Thanks boosted1g
    I checked the power plug and see that the board is receiving 16.5v DC. I'm guessing at this point it indicates something in the board itself went bad.

    I guess its not really worth fixing an older laptop.

    I might sell it on eb@y for parts or maybe grab a used board, then see if I can fix it for a little experience project.
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