Fraps Recording Output Lags, on a good computer with a second HDD

Hello, the output recording files for Fraps seem to lag, when in reality, when I was running the game it was butter smooth.
(No Intel fanboyism, please it is not helpful. I wanted to support AMD, and the CPU is fine, plus an Intel set up, was way out of my budget.)

Game: Black Ops 2 (No BF elitism please. I know the game is better, just waiting until BF4 to release.)
Maxed out settings
FPS: Capped at 60, and maintained during recording.

Full Quality, recording, Recording at 30FPS

120GB Kingston Hyper X 3K
1500 RPM WD Green 1.5TB HDD(Writing to/Game is stored on)
Asus Geforce GTX 760
MSI 970A-G46
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    Did you try setting your FPS recording on fraps to 60 frames per second to match your game? That usually works, but if that doesn't then you might want to check the write speed on your hard drive just to be safe, and if all thus fails try settings your Full quality setting, to Half-size. Generally fraps is a lagfest of a recording program on multiple grounds. I have problems with it myself, but you should try another recording program such as Dxtory if nothing works.

    Quick Edit: Rarely, but usually when you have your computer on for a long duration of time without shutting off, then your ram may be stored up to its neck with memory, so fraps has less resources to work with. Restarting your computer usually diminishes some lag.
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