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So essentially I just built a new comp and had it connected to our router for initial internet access. I then connected to the wireless network that my family uses and everything was working fine with my wireless network adapter/internet connectivity. THEN, I moved the computer to the next room over and tried to connect to the same wireless internet however the network appears/disappears from my connections list. Also when I am able to connect to the wireless internet it still doesn't allow internet access (it says I'm connected to the network but have no internet access).I was wondering if anybody had any ways to fix this or isolate the issue. Thanks all! BTW my os is windows 7
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  1. I would open the network control panel, select manage wireless networks, and delete your home network. Then restart and in the system tray select the home network SSID when it is done searching, and then re-enter you wireless passkey.

    This has worked for me a number of times, but it assumes that you don't have wireless interference (that can even be another device streaming HD video or running a torrent server) causing the issue and the hardware is all working properly with correct drivers.
  2. It is a wireless connection that I tested and it was working yesterday. Even now it just connected but now the download speed is ridiculously slow....I can't even access Google
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    You might want to download the free INSSIDER wireless analyzer and see if there are any other networks that are interfering on your radio channel.
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