NO boot after OC ,HT Link, FSB ,BCLK attempts

Ok, so I am trying to occc my buses, so to start I increased the BCLK to like 201 mhz originally at 200, and it wouldnt boot so i messed with voltages and even tried the same with the FSB and HT Link, and the computer refuses to boot after trying everything from simply just increasing the clocks by 200mhz on Ht Link and FSB and then trying volatge increases upon no startup, and even just rendering a 1 mhz increase on the clock of the BCLK renders the computer unbootable.. Whats up?
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    back it up to 200 then try the ht after the fsb there is something that limit you to overclock could be the cpu or the board .
  2. I'm assuming this is the FX-8350 but you do not have your motherboard listed in your build specs - what mobo are you working with here?
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