i5 3570k hitting 85c on stock cooler and core clock(prime95).

Hey guys :). I have a question about my cpu. Now that it's summer and it's hotter than rest of the year i noticed that my cpu reached insane temps for me,i ran prime95 and it hit 85c on blend test.

I had this cpu for 1 year and it worked in lower temps with 4.0GHz on it before but now on stock it is worse.
What could be the problem or is it normal for that cpu? I reach around 75-78 when gaming.
And also what is probably making the temp rise is my new 7950 dual-x right? Any solutions you guys could give me? (Can't really afford a cpu cooler right now)
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  1. 85C on stock cooler is on the high side but still normal for prime95 blend test...

    however, you say it has worked cooler before, which is curious. perhaps you should do a thorough dusting/cleaning of the case and fans? other than that all things seem to be working fine

    and if you just changed your GPU, yes, that would do it since the temperature of the air inside your case probably rose (assuming your old GPU is lower tier and gave off less heat)
  2. Is there any chance it will limit the life of the cpu?
    My mobo is z77 extreme4 and my case is this one(without the big fan) http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811124114
  3. I just played Black ops 2 and 2 cores hit 84c :O
  4. Just did something else. Descreased voltage to around 0.950 and it maxes at 75c on prime95.
  5. spirosronto said:
    Just did something else. Descreased voltage to around 0.950 and it maxes at 75c on prime95.

    very nice, that's a good temperature to run for 24/7 use.

    in the long run, high temperature will always degrade the CPU. but even at your original 85C, I would expect it to last 5+ years. either way, as long as you're not really messing with it, you'll probably choose to upgrade your CPU long before this kind of heat damage renders it useless
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