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So I've recently built myself a computer and I'm trying to put windows 7 on it. The setup has gone fine so far, but now I'm stuck at a part asking me to "Select the driver to be installed." The problem is there are none. When I click the "Load Driver" link it asks me to insert my installation media which I'm guessing is the disk I got with the mother board (MSI Z77MA-G45). So I put the disk in and it still doesn't recognize anything, so am I doing something wrong? I've looked up a lot of answers and I can only seem to find ones that get close to answering my question, but I just can't find what I need. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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  1. If you are talking about the point where Windows allows you to enter a specific driver early in the install process by hitting F6, just ignore it as long as you are not using a raided OS disk or some add on controller for your boot device. You will add all your drivers after the Windows install is done, starting with the chipset drivers.
  2. Oh I'm sorry I said it wrong, there's no unallocated disk space to install windows on is what I meant.
  3. Then you either have an issue with the boot device setup or need to select custom install and unallocate all of the allocated disk partitions and then install to the remaining single unallocated space.

    Has the drive ever had anything else used on it?
  4. It's a totally new drive it's never had anything on it and I don't see any partitions
  5. The Hdd needs to be formatted, but that should be done when installing the OS on a new drive, or so I thought.
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    I would select custom install so that you can see what partitions are there, if somehow there already are some, you can just unpartition any you find, and install to the unpartitioned space as Windows will take care of that.

    Look under your boot device list and make sure that the HDD is not selected as a UEFI HDD, just use a legacy bios type HDD selection, same with your optical drive.
  7. Ok it's fixed thanks for your help!
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