Black screen after boot up.

Hey guys,
I need help...
After installing some updates last night on my W7 pc, I shut down and let it install them. I didn't check what updates were being installed, cause I was in a real hurry.
Anyways, this morning, I switched my PC on, and after going to get a drink, not watching the booting up process, I came back to a black screen (not super black, like it wasn't powerless), with my cursor over. I didn't bother waiting, and I restarted, going to WC, not watching the process again. I came back to the black screen with a cursor, again. I restarted and noticed my PC does the exact same thing in Safe Mode. So I restarted again and went to normal boot up.
Noticed it goes black after "Starting Windows" screen, so I let it on the black screen for a while, and search for answers on my phone.
I notice it goes from the black screen (3min) to the Welcome screen, but it says "Please wait" which always comes before the "Welcome" on the blue screen, but it doesn't take another 3 minutes, usually. So my PC finally boots up, it's super slow, but it works.
I don't know what I did, or what updates were installed.
I don't have any restore points.
If I can't fix the problem, I'll have to get a new W7 cd and re-install, because I lost my original one.

I've read that someone had similar problems, and it was his Network Adapter in loop, or something like that, so he re-installed drivers, and I think it fixed it.
I have my Belkin wifi adapter on pci, but I don't use it, since I have LAN.
Anyways, I noticed a yellow mark on LAN icon in right corner (mark when something is wrong with net), but it disappeared after few seconds.

My question is, has anyone had this kind of problem and how do I actually troubleshoot to see if it's my Network adapter for LAN that's causing the problem.
I have AM2 Asus mobo, Athlon II X2 215, 3GB of Ram, 5450 HD...

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  1. Download an identical Windows 7 install image from HERE, burn it to a DVD and boot from it and try a startup repair to begin with.

    And if you are not using the PCI adapter, remove it.

    The LAN icon gets an exclamation until the computer is assigned an IP address by the router -- that is normal.
  2. Well, I did that, and removed the PCI adapter, which I was told to do in Startup Repair.
    At first my PC wouldn't even boot up (couldn't hear the usual "tick"), so I get PCI card in, reconnect everything and try again. Everything is the same. I shut down and remove PCI card again, works fine, although, even with no disc in, it asks me to do Startup Repair, so I do it.
    Takes a while, asks me to restore system image, which I don't have, and goes to black screen again.
    I've been getting notifications from Microsoft Security Essentials that it stopped working.
    I update it and scan the system. I still have to check how it will work.
  3. If anyone else have googled this and come across this post, in my case my PC was trying to connect to a NAS that was offline. I simply removed the NAS as a network drive in my computer.
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