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840 pro 256gb RAID 0, weirdly low write speeds...

Last response: in Storage
September 13, 2013 3:36:47 PM

OK, so I managed to setup a RAID with 2x256gb 840pros, without having to reinstall windows a few months ago, after following some quite complex steps (but learned in the end there is a very simple solution with Intel RTS, i think)...
Anyways for the next few months everything was nice and dandy, seq read/write speeds hitting around 1000 Mb/s either way (weirdly enough my boots improved from like 35 sec to 25s). Over the months I built up a big collection of games, now the disk is 73% full, I also during the last week or so, did a few massive changes, making my PC a server as well for a website.
I test the drives now and they are performing poorly to say the least... the seq read fluctuates massively from 300-1000 and the seq write is just dreadful, constantly at 170Mbs...

So.. what is the problem? I wonder if its the massive increase in how much space is used (from around 40%->70%) It could be the server programs mucking something up (currently just using iis 7.5, with php installed)? I would really be disappointed if its just the drives getting worse over time...

Anyways is there a way to fix this? I would prefer not have to start over.. but thats the only solution I've come up with XD

backup only essential files (save files, work, music,e.t.c) on secondary drive,
unRAID the drives, the use HDDerase on them with a bootabel USB,
reRAID the drives, then reinstall windows 7, and install all programs again... (dreadful process XDD)

September 13, 2013 4:09:52 PM

AHA! Interesting... a re install of RST, then the RST RAID drives seemed to have promisingly increased the seq read writes back to 1000MB/s on one test. I'll test them a few more times and post back...