Computer turns on, then off, than back on, Etc.

Hi, I recently built a computer and everything started up and worked great until I installed the processor. These are the components...

Mainboard- Biostar H61 MGC

Processor- Intel Core I7-3770 3.5 GHz

Power Supply- Logisys 550W

I have other components but Ive just been trying the main components. The motherboard I have is a replacement for my old one (Biostar Replaced it) and my processor was just replaced to. I also used a different power supply and it still did the same thing. Could someone please help me
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  1. Btw I dont have a graphics card. I was just planning on using the HD graphics on the processor
  2. in order to boot into the bios you need to have the Motherboard, CPU, Ram, power supply all connected.

    if your ram is not installed it could cause this issue. while your at it connect the HDD just to be sure that is not causeing an issue.


    acording to there web site you will need to make sure the Bios are the newest bios. You may need to flash the Bios. What bios version does the board have? usually it's on a sticker on the Bios chip on the board.
  3. I forgot to mention that the ram was installed but I installed the HDD but now the problem is worse. It turns on for less then a second and then shuts off and stays off for about 4 seconds.
  4. I looked at the memory support section for my mother board. The RAM I have is GEIL Black Dragon 2x8 GB and its not on the list. Could that be a problem?
  5. possibly, try one stick instaed of two. If it still does it try the other stick, also try them in the different slots. but look into the bios being the wrong one first. I edited my last post to include this info.

    Bios info :
  6. Does the BIOS chip have amc or rmc printed on it?
  7. your bios chip is located just above your Sata ports
  8. Here's what it says
  9. well if that is all that is on it then there is no way to tell with out starting it and entering the bios. Have you tried the ram one stick at a time yet?
  10. That didnt work. It did the exact same thing. I mentioned this earlier but everything worked before I installed the processor. The LEDs powered up, the ram powered up, the HDD turned on.
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