Do I need more power!?

I am about to purchase another GPU so that I can run SLI. I was wondering how big of a PSU I will need. My current specs are Sabertooth z77, i7-3770k, EVGA gtx 670 ftw, 750W PSU. It's been a year since I've put it together, and I remember that my current PSU didn't have a a connector for another graphics card.
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  1. Which PSU is it? Does not sound to good since quality ones have 4 PCIe power connectors and would run that SLI setup.
  2. I don't remember at this point. Chances are it isn't of good quality. It was one of my first purchases at CompUSA when I really didn't know what I was doing. By the time I found out that it wasn't modular and that it didn't have the other PCIe power connector, i didn't want to go all the way back because it was 3am and I had waited months to put it together.
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