svchost.exe loading CPU to 100% nightmare.

Question: I’m trying to reload Windows XP on an older machine using an Abit board, Intel Pentium 4 2.4GHz CPU, one GB DDR RAM and a WD 250GB 7200rpm HDD. My problem is, every time I load XP it slows to a crawl. Sometimes it locks up and I’m not even able to install SP3 or download the 100+ updates from Microsoft Windows Update. I’ve found that svchost.exe is loading the CPU 96-100%, I kill the process and it’s still FUBAR. The kicker: I’ve used different install disks and tried a different key code as an “in house” thing, just to try and figure it out. (Each time XP loads as usual, activates and connects to the network) No luck! Now I’ve reloaded, upgraded, updated and built new machines from installing the standoffs up to making my own cables. So I have a grip on how to reload a machine, I’ve done a few dozen, but this “svchost.exe” @ 100% load on the CPU is getting the best of me. I’m also not able to find the individual process in the “svchost.exe” that’s loading the CPU either.
As always, any help would be great!
PS. I’m not looking to do a bunch of patches like I’ve read in other forums, but I want to be able to do a clean install without this problem.
Thank You….
I'm open to solutions and ongoing discussion.
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  1. From another pc make a hirem boot cd or USB stick. Or plug the drive into another oc run hdtune and a a vendor test tools to see if the drive going bad. Try running memtest or use another stick of ram to rule out bad ram stick.on another pc that virus free use a slipstream for xp slipstream the service chipset...gpu drivers...sound and Ethernet drivers.
  2. i too had this problem but i got out of it wid the help of a system restore.if u have a system restore point then ur off the risk ! or the other option is rebooting
  3. Well, the only thing that worked was using a newer OEM install disk (I never had a problem like this with the 1st disk I used) and finally solved the problem. After that Windows would not update or even display the Express/Custom section or the update page. I finally installed SP3, active-x, microsoft's malicious software removal tool, updated to IE8, then installed two security updates for IE8, and then microsoft's download manager. Never have I had a problem like this before, but I finally won the fight. I hope my pain can help someone else down the road. Thanks

    PS/FYI Thanks, but nothing the article talked about helped or worked, and all the hardware checked out as good.
  4. XP windows update was hugging my cpo to next to 100 %, till a friend asked me to install
    ====> new KB931125
    "update for root certificate fo win xp ( august 2013)"
    ggogle ...

    no more svchost to 100¨% when windows update enabled

    happy french guy now!
  5. Hi,
    Advised by Microsofts automatic update error info; I installed the latest KB updates for xp 100% cpu usage, reboot and was thrown back to square one. Starting update was ok for a while and then poff..... svchost 100% again.
    However - after days of trial and error I installed KB898461 and that fixed the problem, updates ok again; no problems :) HURRAY!!
    Hope this info will help.

    Happy new year from Norway

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