Cannot Select Native Resolution For NVIDIA Surround

Literally just got back from Micro Center. Traded in my MSI GTX 760 2gb for a 4gb Gigabyte GTX 760. I am trying to connect 3 different 1680x1050 monitors to use in Surround mode but I am unable to choose 5040x1050 when I set things up. I can set up all 3 monitors to be used and I can set them to 1680x1050 just not in Surround mode. The monitors I am using are all 22" 1680x1050 monitors. A Samsung Syncmaster 226BW, Hanns-G Hi221D and a Dell E228WFP. Anyone have any helpful ideas to make this work?
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  1. Finally fixed it I think. The Hanns G monitor was set at 61hz and the other 2 were set at 60hz. Had to make a profile to change the Hanns G to 60hz now it seems to be working!
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