Is Dual GTX 680 SLI future proof?!

I am running a Dual GTX 680 SLI configuration in my personal gaming rig. Will this be enough power to get me through 2014 and possible 2015 gaming season? I know people can't see into the future but just looking for conversation on personal opinion. Specs Ballistix 16gb DDR3 oc 2000mhz, AMD FX 8350 oc 4.5ghz 1.45v.
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  1. Why worry about it? You have them now, are getting good enough performance now, how does guessing the future change anything now?

    Just use them and when they no longer fit the bill, upgrade then, but not before then.
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    Not even a single next gen amd 9000 series card, will be able to beat a gtx 680 in sli. One gtx 780 does not. One titan does not. GTX 680 sli is insanely future proof, that is unless you game @ 5000 res or with 5 monitors.
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