Skyrim FPS problems

Awhile back I had about 100 mods installed and I had no trouble playing skyrim and keeping it at 58fps. I lost my data and have had to download and install my mods again. I'm at about 58 mods and I keep getting large fps drops just walking around in a house or riften. I'm using the lite version of the 2K pack, but before I had the full version and had no problems.

Any ideas? I can list all the mods I currently have installed, if requested.


i5-3470 3.2GHz
Sapphire HD 7870 OC edition
8gb Ram Corsair Vengeance
Seagate Barricuda 1TB
Seasonic 620w PSU.

Thanks in advance.
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  1. Well mods are pain in the ars. I have few installed and they are working great with each other but when i try to install any 'model' mod my Skyrim starts crashing. When Skyrim starts having problems its mostly because the esm. and esp. mods that can be found in Data Files because they effect the game most. Go to your Data Files and turn off all mods esm. and esp. then start turning more of them on. As soon as you find any FPS drops you will know what mod makes them so you can delete it. I know that you propably dont want to but thats the only way. And if you need to re instal game good thing you can do is to go to your Steam Library then Right Click on your Skyrim than click on Properties, Local Files, Verify integrity cache. Steam fill find any folders that are missing and it will fix the game. Now maybe it happened because you have changed allot of mods on same save file. Try
    turning all of your mods off, then get in game, save the game, than turn all of your mods on and play. And you should try BOSS it helps find problems in your Skyrim files and eliminate them (if not then you should eliminate them yourself). If all of this still dosent work then try hardware, you should clean your PC from time to time. Oh and maybe you have installed some program that eats allot of ram try using Razor Game Booster and see if it fixes, because razor game booster turns off RAM eating programs. Hope i helped if non of this worked then just say it and il try to fix it.
  2. I have started to do that, but so far have had no success.

    I already have BOSS and it states there are no problems :/.
  3. This is pretty annoying now.

    Uninstalled every mod. Still getting fps drops. I had absolutely no trouble playing it before.
  4. Did you try Razor Game Booster ? If it works than you know that something is eating your RAM.
  5. I have, to no success :(.

    I've even tried uninstalling the hi res pack. Still get the same fps problems in the same areas. And if I get attacked by a group of bandits it keeps fluctuating between 20 and 35 fps.
  6. So. Walking around Solitude, my gpu usage was around 19%. I noticed that whenever I would get the drops (dropping about 15fps) the gpu usage would go up to 30%. Which isn't a lot but, it still seems to be a gpu problem. I think.
  7. Well does your PC use all of your CPU cores ? Oh and did you try updating your drivers ?
  8. Yes.

    And I updated my drivers last night.
  9. Have you cleaned your PC recently ? Maybe its overheat ? And is there low FPS only in Skyrim or an all games ?
  10. Yes. Core temp has my temp being around 67 celsius, pretty much the same on any game.

    I have trouble with Total War games and some with Red Orchestra 2. But I have no trouble playing BF3 on ultra. :/
  11. Does the FPS drop happen when you are outside the Cites and Houses? And as i have already said did you do clean save with no mods ? My brain is starting to hurt. I dont know what the problem could be. your ram is good, your GPU is good, your CPU is pretty good. The only thing that you can try is re installing it and playing it clean (no mods). Or some basic mods, no texture changing or big model changes.
  12. It may be just the game not giving a f about anything. The engine is pretty old so sometimes it doesn't care if you have UBER strong PC or trash bin. It just doesn't want to work. Skyrim is made on same engine as Fallout 3 which itself cant use allot of RAM and GPU power. you can have 32GB ram and it will only use 8 or something like that because thats its max.
  13. In cities, looking at the environment. But outside the city it's perfectly fine, just drops to about 20fps and keeps fluctuating between that and 40 in battles with more than 5 people involved.
  14. Well thats the trick. Skyrims engine loads Cities at once and it renders it fully not in sections like when you are outside of them. Thats why. Strong CPU is needed to work well in cities because there is allot of AI that needs to be controlled in same place plus all of it is rendered in same time.
  15. I never had any trouble when I played skyrim with all those graphics mods. But now I do. I don't think it would be a cpu problem :/
  16. Well the city FPS drop is known thing and it is connected to CPU. Because if you are getting it even without mods it must be it. And nearly full HDD me cause slower PC but only if Windows is installed on it.
  17. Hmmm. Well, my hdd isn't anywhere near being full.

    I wouldn't mind uninstalling Skyrim and trying it again if I knew it would work. Because I know steam will make me download it even though I have the disc. I've had no success with disc installs.
  18. Well i cant help you with that. Plus Skyrim isnt that big to download.So just try re installing.
  19. Any idea on fixing fps drop when equipping a weapon?
  20. o0LuNeStA0o said:
    Any idea on fixing fps drop when equipping a weapon?

    Is it a modded wep? If it is you know the solution just delete the mod. And if you are using HD texture pack than weapons have allot of details and they need to be constantly rendered so it may be that.
  21. Hmmmm. More than likely.

    I'm debating if I should uninstall my drivers and run drivercleaner afterwards. I've never run drivercleaner, I just uninstall using the utility provided by AMD.
  22. Now we know where the problem is from CPU or GPU. If its having the FPS drops with weps and you have the HD textures than its GPU and if you have problem in the cities where it has to render allot of AI in same time than its CPU. I can garantee you that its the mods that are making the problem but im not sure what mods. Can you write list of model and texture mods ? Not hud and stuff like that.
  23. Hmmm. This is possible. I did still have the problems with no mods installed.

    As far as textures and models really just 2KHD and Static Mesh. Other than that a few ENB's and stuff.

    I didn't see a bit of an improvement. There was a place in Solitude that I could go to that would trigger the fps drop, when standing and moving there it would drop by about 20 frames. I went into power options and changed "minimum processor state" from 5% to 60%. Not sure if that was it, but it helped with that. However, I still get really big drops when enemies appear, if more than like 5 or 6 people are fighting on screen, and even complete pauses for about 2 seconds every now and then.
  24. So its only in Solitude, because its a known thing that there are big FPS drops in Solitude. If its only there as far as i know there is no software fix for it, only better hardware but i dont think that you should spend additional money because a single game wont work in a certain place (unless you are fanatic about always 60 or more fps or the game is unplayable)
  25. Noooo. That example (standing in a certain place) was just because early game I've been spending a lot of time in solitude and that was easy for me to check. It still happens in other places, but the only city i've been in as of now is solitude. But the other problems are everywhere.

    I don't mind it as long as it's over 30. However, I can't stand it when it constantly dropping from 58 to 30, that's more noticeable than just 30 solid. It seems like changing graphics settings doesn't really have an impact.
  26. Im out of the ideas. Try locking your FPS to 30 so you dont notice the drops. If you have VSynic turn it ON and if you had it ON turn it off and check maybe VSynic made the drops.
  27. I assume, that goes for turning off VSync in CCC as well?
  28. I assume, that goes for turning off VSync in CCC as well?
  29. I assume, that goes for turning off VSync in CCC as well?
  30. I dont really know i guess yes :D
  31. -_-

    I shall look into that. But I'm certain that then I'll have screen tearing lol. ;o
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