my lap top crashed should i delete the hard disk and start all over?

I have a toshiba sattelite P-755 it crashed in july and i was able to recover two days later. it recently crashed again(like two weeks ago). the Toshiba recover wizard has not been able to do the partition thing...Should i start deleting the hard disk. oh also my disks arent doing a darned thing to he;p me out. ive been using my uncles windows 7 boot disk from his DELL.
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  1. I would back up all my data, determine exactly which Windows 7 version your Toshiba is running and then download a new full install image of the same exact version from HERE, burn it to a DVD, boot from it, select custom install, delete all existing partitions, then install to the remaining single unpartitioned space. Activate with your key off the sticker on your laptop.
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