Trying get a graphics card for my new computer

I was wondering what kind of graphics card would be the best deal under $170.
I just bought a X Power 585:

for my new Computer:

and will try to get a 6-pin adapter for the new Graphics Card since the PSU doesn't have one.
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    there's a reason it doesn't have a 6pin connector, its going to be a bad psu, it's only got 18A @ 12V, which gives you 216W of your 585W on the 12V rail which is one of the important ones, most decent cards would kill this supply. Most decent 600W PSU's would have 500W+ on the 12V rail. SEND IT BACK. CANCEL THE DELIVERY.
  2. Agree with 13thmonkey, you should try to return that power supply, it is and old design totally unsuitable for your system, whoever sold it to you should be taken outside and whipped for doing so.
    A replacement of 500-550Watts from a good maker will easily handle your system requirements: Antec, Corsair, OCZ, Pc Power and Cooling, Silverstone, Seasonic, XFX, Rosewill Capstone series FSP are amongst the names to trust. Try to find one with 1x6 and 1x8 (or 1x6 and 1x6+2) PCI-E plugs for maximum flexibility. Expect to pay less than $60 US if you shop around.
    I know this is over budget ($174) but it's the best out there,
    Cards below $170 are the GTX650Ti Boost or HD7850 which are a fair bit slower.
  3. Could any of you suggest a new PSU I could buy for my system in order to support this graphics card?
    I'm not really great with knowing PSU and what handles well with my system.
  4. this looks ok, and with the rebate card would be not too expensive.
  5. Thanks for your help :D
  6. no probs
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