Quick question about PSU(PC building).

Hello, im preparing to upgrade my pc with new MSI GTX 660 Twin Frozr OC GPU, FX-Series X8 8320 CPU and MB AMD 760G/SB710 motherboard. Now im interested if everything will go well with my old 6gb of 1333 GHZ of memory(just for 1-2 months) and 500W PSU ?
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  1. What's the make and model of the PSU? If its a low quality one, it might not be able to handle a graphics card.
  2. Linkworld PSU LPK12-30 500W ATX, Silent 120mm, i just found out that tat mother board supports below amd fx 8300, so need to find good motherboard
  3. Yeah, you'll have to buy a new PSU. A 500W model from Antec, Seasonic or Corsair will do.
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