Acer Aspire One-722 netbook screen randomly becomes hazy and hangs up


As given in the title, my Acer Aspire One 722's screen suddenly becomes hazy -- like TV with really bad reception -- and the machine stops responding. This can happen anywhere between 5 minutes to 2 hours since starting up. After this happens, my only option is to restart with all data lost.

I have tried to identify the cause of this and have failed. Could you please help me? I would be very grateful.

This info may/may not help you:

1) This happens even when the netbook is plugged in, as well as when it's on battery.
2)Soon after buying the machine, I noticed that the bottom panel was not fully fixed and the warranty sticker was broken.
3)I have also experienced some audio issues with this machine.

Thanking you,
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  1. Could be heat related so ensure all your vents are clean from dust and lint.
  2. Might not be... it started only a few days after purchase, at first I thought it may be something to do with charging so I only ran it after it had charged (not plugged in) but then it started happening on battery as well.

    (UPDATE): I said that it can even happen just 5 minutes after startup. Can a machine really heat up so much in 5 minutes?
  3. No returns accepted?
  4. Haven't tried... (do they do that?) but it would hardly happen now, it's been two years since I bought this. (If you're thinking that I should have asked earlier, I am a somewhat new user)
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    Check their support site for warranty period.
  6. OK, thanks. Will do.

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