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Well I have a simple question if I'm honest, would i see a noticeable performance if I just update my graphics card? From my knowledge, I feel like my PC is powerful enough, albeit the graphics card, to run upcoming/current graphics heavy games.

Specs worth mentioning:

Windows 8 Pro


AMD Phenom II x 4 970 Black Edition (Currently at 3.7Ghz)

Radeon HD 6870 (1GB)

ASRock Extreme3 970 MOBO

I'm hoping to upgrade the 6870 to the new GTX 760 (4GB)

Will I see an increase in performance upgrading the card while keeping the CPU and RAM?

P.S. I'm set on the card that I want, nor do i wish to take part in any arguments regarding AMD vs Nvidia. Thank you!
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  1. Yes... yes you would :)
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    Yes but what GPU are you updating too?
  3. Effeectt said:
    Yes but what GPU are you updating too?

    The Nvidia Gtx 760 with 4GB of memory
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