HDD Unable to Boot in Windows or even Safe Mode

The previous day my Pc suddenly lost power and when I tried to turn it on it got stuck on windows loading screen(win xp), the bar just kept moving endlessly.
I then gave it a restart and tried to go to safe mode, which also failed booting. The system files kept loading up until Mup.sys was the last one on the screen, after that it said something like "If you want to load sptd.sys press Enter" but nothing happened, so I'm guessing sptd.sys got corrupted when power cut off.
I thought I should give it a shot and repair the windows since I guessed a system file was faulty and didn't want to lose my personal stuff. But.. the setup didn't even recognize this hdd when I tried to repair it only the other one(I have 2 but this is the primary).
I desperately wanted to delete the corrupted file so I thought I should install winxp on my other hdd and access it from My Computer and delete this file.. which I did but when I tried looking up the hdd on My Computer, this hdd was nowhere to be seen. I'm left with no ways to access this hdd but I think there's still hope since BIOS recognizes it and I really want to get it working again or at least recover the data.

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance :)
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  1. If you go to Disk Management, you may be able to see the HDD. If this is the case, you can assign the HDD a letter and see if it appears in Windows.
  2. No, it doesn't appear there either :/
  3. If you have a WIN 7 bootable disk available to you, then you could try with that, to see if its recognizing the disk.
  4. I have one, hadn't crossed my mind but I'll give it a shot and hopefully it works
  5. Before trying that, take out the other HDD.
  6. Nope, no luck with win7 either
  7. lonewolf7 said:
    Ok then try a data recovery software. not free, but the trial version would serve the purpose.

    If you want a free program, use Recuva by Piriform.
  8. Will inform you as soon as I try this method. Might take some time though, I'll probably wait until tomorrow morning because it's much too late here and I need to get some sleep.
    Thanks for helping me out :)
  9. Update; I tried a couple of recovery applications but none of them seemed to do the trick :(
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    Did you change something in BIOS before or after installing OS ? If the HDD is recognized by BIOS then it should work. Try another system and try to install WIN 7 there. Try to swap SATA ports, power cable, aswell as SATA cable.
  11. When I installed xp on my secondary hdd yesterday, I did made changes in BIOS but only to make that hdd bootable if I recall correctly, I hope that option meant what I thought it did.

    I have tried to install the faulty hdd on my hp but unfortunately he doesn't have any room for it, but I might as well ask some friends of mine. I think I tried swapping ports and cable but will try again later just to make sure.
  12. Ok keep us posted.
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