Nvidia 9400 GT compatibility?

Hello all,

I found a EVGA Nvidia 9400 GT sitting in a bookshelf... So I guess that's lucky? Lol, anyways, I was wondering, since it has an SLI slot, if it could run in SLI with a 780. It has two DVI-I slots, so I guess that's lucky, as well as two DVI to VGA converters.

It'd be great to run my main monitor from the 780, then my secondary off the 9400 GT.

Thanks in advance. ^_^
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    Nope. If you do that, then it'll bottleneck the performance of the 780.
    Also, SLI wouldn't work. It would be using 2 GPUs at once.
  2. Darn... Well that sucks, lol. Thanks for the reply. ^_^
  3. Also, using the 780 to run a second monitor for non-gaming activities isn't going to do much.
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