Problem with my Lacie 750gb external hard drive.

Hello there.

Yesterday my external HDD suddenly stopped working for no apparent reason.

The problem I've got is that I can't get any power to the HDD without kinda twisting the USB-cable while pressing the cable into the input on the HDD, while at the same time applying pressure on the top and bottom of the case. Almost like I have to force it to hit the spot where it gets power and starts spinning. - it might also seem like I cant get it all the way in.

I also have to pressure that little silver/grey soft spot on the top there.

I've managed to get into the disk and retrieve the most important documents, but I would really like to fix it. I can't send it in for repair at the current time, so do you have any homemade fixes that might work temporarily? And is this an easy fix if I send it in to Lacie for repair? I still have my warranty.

Would be great with some solutions, thanks :)
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  1. If the external enclosure was to fail completely, you'd still be able to take the hard drive out and connect it via SATA, though this will likely void your warranty. It should be a relatively easy fix if you RMA it, it's just a matter of replacing your enclosure/cable for you. The drive sounds like it is still working as it should.
  2. Try getting a new USB cable? And USB cables don't usually go in all the way, so your USB cable is in all it should go :)
    Best send it in for warranty.
  3. Either a bad USB cable, or bad USB port. I have a Sony VAIO like that. If you look at a particular USB port wrong, whatever is connected to it loses the connection. But just that one port.
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    A lot of users at WD's forums report physical connection problems with their external USB drives. You need to find someone who will resolder the connector for you. Do it before you damage the PCB tracks.
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