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I have a company that gave me their PC to downgrade from windows 8 to windows 7. I have completed this and have found drivers for all of the things I need.

I cannot however, find drivers for the network card to be able to connect to the internet. I have searched high and low around the internet and I am having no luck. It is a HP computer and is factory, no changed made. HP only support windows 8 drivers for my computer. I have attached the link for the computer so you can see the network card make etc.

Please help me find the drivers I can use to get this computer back on the internet.

If you need any additional information, please ask. I am far from an expert on computers but I do have basic knowledge and can usually find out the information you possibly need.
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  1. there are no win 7 driver for this even on atheros the chipset maker the thing you could do is to install a pci network card that will work with win 7 .
  2. I managed to solve this now. Thanks for your response scout.

    What I did was take my wireless card from my windows 7 computer, put it into the new computer. Used the device manager to update the drivers on the ethernet network, plugged in my ethernet cable, put the original network card back in and updated the drivers for the wireless network adapter through the device manager and it found and installed them. I now have internet connectivity for both wired and wireless.
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    then there must the one from windows that you have ,glad it been solve you answer could help others with the same issue .
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