BIG, Relatively Cheap, Gaming Monitor?

Hey Guys!

I'll soon be building a PC for gaming, gameplay capturing, and video editing! I was wondering what a good monitor for what I'm doing is that is BIG (30+"). I don't care about 3D, but I think that's more GPU stuff, and am confused about 60hz and 120hz... I just want it to be capable of around 70-90 FPS...

I'd like it to have DVI, and Display Port ports, but primarily DVI (if it can push 2560x1660, if I'm correct (1080p is probably fine though)). I'd like it to be able to push the above resolutions, I'm not too interested in 4k cause I've only got a GTX 770 2GB (maybe 4GB).

Thanks in advance!
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    If you want a cheap 2560x1600 monitor, you could get one of those Korean or Chinese models from eBay. If you just want a physically bigger screen, and are willing to accept 1920x1080 resolution, look for a TV (32 inch, 37 inch, and 42 inch are common diagonal sizes for TVs) and use an HDMI cable (I'm not sure there are any GTX 770 models that lack HDMI outputs, but DVI to HDMI adapters are fairly inexpensive)
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