nv4_disp.dll blue screen of death

I am having the same problem with nv4_disp.dll I rolled back my drivers and fixed it but now dragon age will not launch because my drivers are to old, if i update my drivers then when i click on a Youtube video my system will crash. its nv4_disp.dll causing a memory problem.
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  1. change this and reinstall a new one
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    Hi there. Over the last few weeks I have been on the infinite loop regarding the nv4_disp.dll error. Its been driving me crazy, but now it seems to have been fixed. These are the steps that I done regarding information online that fixed the error. If I was to start from scratch with the info I know now this is what I would do.

    1) Download regcure and clean up your system registry.
    2) Download and burn to disk memtest to check for bad ram.
    3) Uninstall all nvidia drivers using control panel then using driver sweeper to remove all hidden files.
    4) Before rebooting I take out one of your ram and run memtest for indivial sticks. (This is what fixed my problems. I had 1706 errors for stick)
    5) If there are any errors remove the stick thats causing the problem.
    6) Reboot your computer then download New nvidia drivers preferably the BETA versions.

    The BSOD was only caused when running Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 4. But the game only requires 1GB of ram. I'm still yet to try a game that requires 2gb Ram. I have a feeling that when I do try a game with 2gb the same error will occur, but when I try I'l let the forum know.

    I hope this helps someone cut down the time spent trying to fix the error.
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