Which Z87 motherboard? z87 fatality pro vs xtreme6 vs maximus hero vs deluxe

Which motherboard do you thing is the better choice among the 4?
asrock z87 fatality pro
asrock extreme6
asus maximus hero
asus z87 deluxe

I am leaning more on the asrock boards since they have 10 sata ports and are way cheaper than the asus ones....
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  1. If you need 10 sata ports, then get that motherboard.
    Past that, pick the cheapest Z87 solution. They are all good, and a more expensive board does not perform better with conservative overclocks.
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    For overall performance, stability and other component support, I went with the Asus Hero for my build, looked at a lot of mobos and had a number of client Haswell builds before deciding, but it handles everything I throw at
  3. I like the 6 and Hero.
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