I am wondering if this laptop is good for gaming.

Is this laptop good for playing games like dayz and Guild wars 2 and World of warcraft?
HP AMD A10 Quad Core CrossFireX Gaming Laptop 16GB RAM 750GB HDMI USB3 Windows 8.
Its graphics card is
HD8650 + HD7670 2GB in CrossFireX Mode
Its processor is
AMD Quad-Core A10-5750M 3.5Ghz Per turbo Core = 14Ghz Processing Power
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  1. Will it run battlefield 3... Guildwars 2... ? i have a budget of £700 for a new laptop, i cant get a desktop as i do not have room in my tiny apartment :( I did order a dell inspiron 17r se with an i5 and a 650m but they stopped making the screen and they canceled the order, that laptop was a bargain, £600!
  2. You sir, are one hell of a guy, thank you very much. You told me everything i needed to know.
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