GA-Z77X-UD3H Marvell RAID cant get in config screen

I am trying to configure the Marvell controller for RAID but can't seem to get into the Config screen for it. in the manual it says to press CTRL M but I am not being prompted for the it it just comes up and says configuring and then goes right to boot.

I did go into the BIOS and set it for RAID but beyond that I can't configure the RAID. Latest BIOS.
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    Try leaving only the HDDs connected to the Marvell SATA ports (disconnect the power cables for the other drives), set Marvell to RAID, save and restart. Make sure you're using SATA 3 cables.
    See if Ctrl+M does work this way.
  2. make sure your are connecting to marvell ports, make sure you are checking enabling marvell controller (gsata controller) to raid mode .. two disks .. keep pressing ctrl + M in post.
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