How to Reduce Some Fan Noise

Hi I was wonderign if anyone has good advice on totally minimizing fan noises. Can you add small rubber washers near the screws to cut down on vibration? Anything else along those lines? Thanks much
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  1. I tried rubber washers and gaskets, and found that the thing that helped the most was making sure the fan screws were all equally tight, and secure (but not too tight that it warps the fan housing in any way).

    Also, if you are running high-speed fans, you might be better off investing in a fan controller that will allow you to undervolt them -- some fan controllers are also PWM enabled, so that they ramp up based on load, like your CPU fan does.

    And some fans are just plain loud, especially sleeve bearing fans. What kind of fans do you have and how/where are they mounted?
  2. And how many? There is such a thing as 'too much'.
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    Fan noise comes mostly from high rpm's.
    Reduce the speed with fan controllers or by other means.

    If you are into replacing fans, take out small fans, particularly 92mm, and install larger, slower turning fans like 140mm or larger.
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