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HELP streaming from PC to Smart TV using DLNA?

Last response: in Wireless Networking
September 14, 2013 2:41:22 PM

I have read 7 or 8 posts already with similar subjects but I guess I am just to noob to understand. I want to use my PC as a server, like.. be able to play youtube on my pc and it show on my TV downstairs through the wireless connection. My TV has DLNA, but it can't seem to find my PC's homegroup, but it's connected to the same wireless router that the PC is. I tried to make a "homegroup" and name it and allow access to share videos and such, but when I search DLNA servers from TV, I get none. Do I need different hardware? Can I not just stream what is being displayed on my desktop to my TV without hardware?
Windows 7 and a sharp smart tv. I saw options about windows media player as a server, but there are apps I want to stream from as well that aren't supported by that.. can anyone help?

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Best solution

September 14, 2013 3:43:26 PM

I think what is going wrong here is that you want to view the desktop of your pc on your tv.

What you need to understand is that your smart tv can show media trough dlna from a dlna server. That means you need an application that acts as a dlna server that identifies itself as a dlna server on your network. Your tv will, when instructed, scan for dlna servers. It will only find dlna servers that have been activated on your computer.

As such, when you activate a program that actually is a dlna server, you can then find this server on your tv. You can then access the media that particular server has access to. So if you activate the windows media player server your tv will find that server and you can access only the media windows media player has in its library. This works similar for all applications acting as a dlna server.

If you activate a dlna server and it still does not show on your tv then you have a network issue. I guess however that you only have 1 network and 1 access point and as such all devices are already within one network.

Edit: Maybe nice to know, the smart tv probably already has a youtube app meaning that if it is connected to the internet - and it probably automatically is when it is on your network - you can just start the youtube app and you are ready to go. You can even pair it with your smartphone so you can search the clips on your phone and play them on your tv. :) 
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