Media players locking up, not launching

Recently I have some issues on my computer. Whenever I try to open Windows Media Player, Real Player, iTunes, VLC, etc, it just sits and freezes until I close the program through Task Manager (sometimes doesn't work) or restart my computer.

I reinstalled iTunes and it doesn't launch even if I try to open as Administrator.

if I go into My Computer and try right clicking on my CD drive, my computer freezes up until restart.
If I right click on something in Device Manager, it freezes up.

I don't think it's related to disk errors because i'm running on an OCZ Vertex 4 SSD (128 Gb) and ran chkdsk which found nothing. Security Essentials and Malware Bytes also found nothing.

My machine:
AMD FX4170 Quad Core @ 4.2GHz
16 Gb RAM
128 SSD loaded with Windows 7 64 (20 of 128 gigs free)
1TB HDD (850 of 1000 gigs free)
nVidia GTX 660
ASRock970 Extreme4 motherboard

This is really starting to piss me the hell off. All I want to do is be able to.. Do basic shit related to media and finding out info on my system. Put in a DVD. Want to watch? Nope. *freezes*. Want to burn a CD? Nope. *freezes*. Want to troubleshoot hardware? Nope. *freezes*

Games run fine, Office runs fine, browsers run fine, Spotify runs fine.

Also, possibly related, when I DO run Security Essentials,. the scan screen doesn't update in real time. it sits there for a couple minutes, then it'll say how many things it's scanned... then sit there for a while, update the number of things scanned, sit there.. etc.

So, wtf?
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