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Dell Inspiron 1440. LED's are on but it won't boot.

September 14, 2013 4:06:57 PM

hello everyone. So i bought this laptop from someone on craigslist knowing it was going to be broken but somewhat confident that I would be able to fix it and resell it.
What happens is I power it up, the LED turns on, then the DELL logo to access the bios menu flashes up for a split second and then the display is completely gone. If left on it will give me some post codes but my codes aren't on the list of known post codes.

So I took it apart, made sure all the connectors were seated properly, tried even reseating all of them, put it back together and still nothing. I tried reseating the RAM, hard drive, and still no luck :/ 
I can't access the bios at all, I tried that.
So I am hoping maybe someone will have some new troubleshooting methods for me to try out on here and if not, oh well, I paid only 30 dollars.
Thanks for reading!!!

EDIT: I also noticed when I had the bezzle off that the fan will power on, spin up, then in about 3 seconds it stops.