Random Freezes on newly installed OS

Okay so like, I washed out my old ancient Pentium 4 about 2 days ago. I re-installed everything from the OS, drivers, software, everything it needs to run. I'm a pretty casual MMORPG gamer and I run 2 machines in my household. But my old Pentium freezes up every time I try running my game clients. I think it's maybe due to high amounts of CPU stress? The game I play takes up a tremendous amounts of resources bouncing my CPU usage to past 40-50%. Note that my computer is within specs of the game and that the game itself ran fine before I did all this washing. Anyone got an idea what's going on?
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  1. What do you mean you washed it? Like washed it with water?
  2. No, like reformatting whole system. Wiping it.
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