Modding Dragon Age Origins and Fallout New Vegas?

Hey I have both of these games on my gaming pc and I want to mod them really badly because some of these mods are just so cool. But I'm afraid that I'm going to mess up and fuck up the game. Can anyone walk me through how to do it or maybe link me to a very detailed video explaining what to do step by step?
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    Youtube is the best but no matter how bad you mess up just un-install the last mod and it should work or wipe the game are re-install. Go to this website and ONLY use mods from or through this website once you get on to it download the nexus mod manger should be somewhere to the top right of the falloutNV/DAO nexus page. Hit me back with a PM if you need any more support
  2. Agreed, youtube makes it much easier.

    But with nexus mod manager you shouldn't have any trouble :P.
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