My gaming pc options which one?

These are some ideas for my pc build I have come up with I will show ram, gpu, cpu and mother board. These are gaming oriented builds chose which one you like I will buy the one which people and my self like.
build 1
Zoctac 660 ti
16gb corsair vengeance 1866mhz ran

build 2
radeon hd 7970 ghz
8gb 1866 corsair vengence ram

build 3
vapour x hd 7970 ghz edition
8gb 1666 corsair vengeance ram

Let me know what you think thanks!
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  1. I am a AMD fan personally, that said i would go with the i7 as it will out preform the AMD FX-8350 (which i have), only reason i do have that one is cause i do a lot more of the multitasking and not as heavy as gaming. I run the i7 with 4 gigs at work and its amazingly fast. I couldn't imagine it with 16 gigs installed in it.
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    if it is gaming pc, nobody will disagree with i5 haswell build
    i5 4670K
    asrock Z87 extreme 4
    2x 4GB ddr3 1600 RAM
    GTX 770 or 7970 GHZ edition (interchangable)
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