CPUID HWMonitor question.

Im using CPUID HWMonitor and TMPINI1 is saying its 127C then it will go to -57C for a second then back up to 127C is this temperature high or is it incorrect?

All other temperatures are between 25-40C.

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    It's a usual problem about these programs that we learn our temps. Everyone on the internet said that you can ignore those temps whichs are at +120,-57 etc. And by the way, im not expert about this, im just ignoring it like the others. If your concerning about those temps, you can change the ambient temp by using air cond. or travel to pc to another cold place, and you can check the TMPINI 1 temp. If it is same, it means its a mistake.
  2. Considering one would shut down the cpu (or anything else in there) and the other could refrigerate your room I wouldnt trust that particular measurement.

    You could try checking with another program maybe? I've never really used any besides that and the one that came with my board, but I'm sure they're out there
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