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First of all, let us have a total laugh at my expense for buying the M59 and a Gigabyte AMD Radeon HD 7970 OC 3GB GDDR5 and I have no idea if it will fit, with the card measuring up at 11.2 inches in length. I really like this case, had a chance to build someone else's pc using this case and it was very nice. At this point I am not afraid of having to take some tin snips to the back of the drive bays to make this thing work. Besides I only have one 256gb 2.5 in SSD I want to put in there anyways, it really wouldn't bother me if the thing had to just lay at the bottom of the case.

Out of curiosity, Is anyone willing to pop open their M59 to hook me up with a measurement from the expansion slot bays in the back all the way to the back of the 5.25 and 3.5 in bays that would be very cool of you.
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    According to this page:
    the M59 has 275mm of clearance for the GPU, or 10.8 in.
    Good luck with your case modding mate haha (enjoy that GPU though!)
  2. Hey thanks man for fishing that page up! yea looks like ill be doing some slight modifications to it, but i don't mind I really like the case and if it needs a little modding then so be it. anyways, thanks again man!!!
  3. No problem and thanks for the best solution! Enjoy your NZXT case, I use the Phantom 410, and absolutely love it. I don't think I'll ever buy another brand of case. Enjoy your new PC!
  4. Hey man, don't know if you were interested or not but that card fit into the m59 no problem! Gigabyte starts measuring the card at the tip of the part that the screw goes into to screw to the chassis. if you look in the pics there's plenty of clearance. If I had stuck it in any of the lower slots it would have been a tighter fit but it still would have worked with any of the x16 slots.

    PC pics:
  5. Interesting, thanks for sharing! I'm a HUGE NZXT fanboy, and i actually JUST convinced my roommate to buy this case, so this is good to know! Thanks again!
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