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Hello there everyone,

I've built a gaming rig last week with a cousin who has had some more experience doing so than I have. we installed the pc and everything but noticed it being rather slow. So checking task manager we notice the disk usage is at 100%. I was using a WD 1TB and noticed that my frames in games were having massive frame drops on random intervalls, and they didnt have anything to do with my pc not being able to handle it. the game runs fine for about 5 minutes and then it just massively drops the frames for about 2 seconds before going back up.

After a few days the pc wont boot and automatic repair failed constantly, I did 2 clean installs but both ended up in automatic repair so I swapped hard drives.

Its a used 1tb seagate harddrive from a friend of mine and I formatted it before installing windows 8 pro on it.

Right of the bat I noticed the install being WAY faster and everything seemed to go smooth.

But I still get massive frame drops in games like with the WD Red hdd and when I looked at the drive usage it still said 100%.

Now when I'm Idle on desktop its not at 100% but as soon as I launch tera patcher, the disk usage jumps to like 60mb/s but the disk usage % starts rising and as soon as it hits 100% the speed for tera patcher drops to 0, making it impossible to patch.

Can anyone please help?
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  1. My pc specs btw:

    ASRock 970 Pro3 R2.0
    AMD 8320 Black Edition 3,5ghz
    Sapphire ati 7850 HD OC
    Corsair vengeance RAM 8GB 1600mhz (2x 4gb)
    thermaltake spinq cpu cooler
    seagate 1tb HDD
    Corsair 600w CX600M PSU
    Bitfenix Shinobi case
  2. I also ran an HD tune pro health check, and it didnt show any damaged sectors.
    I also tried a read check and these are the results:

    min 9,6 mb/s
    max 123.7mb/s
    average 89.5 mb/s
    acces time 18.4
    burst rate 145.5

    thought I should add this in here
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