Is my HDD failing?

Hi, I have an old PC that I built a few years ago, and I've recently been hearing some noises. I managed to record the sound with my phone and can be listened to here:

My friends say that my case may not be screwed on tight enough where it can cause vibrating noises from the case, or that it can be the HDD. I know it's not the case fan, heat sink fan, or PSU because that noise is coming from all the way on the other side of the case. It's been becoming frequent in the past two days - can anyone explain this sound?
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  1. antiglobal said:

    Hang on link isn't working, will post in a minute

    Link fixed:
  2. Could you elaborate on your reasoning? And what HDD would you recommend to purchase
  3. Are there specific things to look for in a HDD besides brand? Such as the interface transfer rates?

    *Update: The status in what you are referring to as Seek Error Rate is listed as "OK" - how did you deem that it was a mechanical issue?
  4. Thank you for your help - one last question...the HDD is coming as a bare drive, and as an OEM, which would mean that it was used, corrupt, and repaired and is now being resold - are hard drives of this nature worth purchasing?
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