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So my external HDD just stopped working or to be more exact, the computer reads it but it just says " do you want to format the disk" and " you need to format the drive before you can use it" and that's it. I have some data on it that i really dont want to lose, actually, a lot of it so i really hope there is a way to fix this issue or at least retrieve the data .. :/

What i've done: plugged it to another computer and it was the same and i used a different cable

What i suspect it might be: well this happened to me a few times actually during the 2-3 years of using this HDD, it just said i need to format it but i just re-plugged it and it was all good once again, although from what i've read in this forums this might be a problem of constantly removing the hdd without the safe removal option, which i think i did a lot since recently i started plugging the hdd on the side of the screen and well every time i turned the screen off, the computer read it as not plugged in ( or removed ) so my guess is that could be the problem. Ehh, you're the experts, you tell me !
Thanks in front :/

EDIT: oh and i am scanning my computer from viruses like every week and i did it yesterday and just about now and the antivirus didn't find any, and i haven't plugged it in any other computers since.
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  1. try running chkdsk on the drive
  2. Nothing :/
  3. yeah some files probably got damaged. Download and try using recuva.
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