Program like Ai Suite that actually works?

I just got a new system:

Mugen 4 Cooler
INTEL Core i7 4770K Boxed met cooler
LITEON 24x DVD-Rewriter IHAS124-04 SATA
CORSAIR 16GB (2x8GB) Vengeance Pro 1866Mhz Blue
MSI Geforce GTX780,3GB PCI-e
CORSAIR Carbide Series 400R Black
Microsoft Windows 7 Home Premium OEM 64-bit NL

First was I planning to use AI suite to optilmalize my computer, not only did that program not work but I had great trouble getting it from my computer, I never want that malware on my PC again!

Are there program's like this that actually work and don't ruin your PC? That maybe support a little overclocking?

BTW: Is it possible to overclock a single core of a Multi core CPU, some programma's can only use a single core, can you focus all overclocking on the core they use?
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  1. With Asus motherboards they have a lot of options/features in the bios. You can actually make one core active and then overclock that one core. Then save that as a profile in the bios so that when you know your going to be working in that software program that uses one core you can start your computer , go into the bios and select that profile. Once you done restart and go into the bios and select your normal profile. You can make several profiles in the bios and have them saved so that you can choose the one you want to use and all the saved settings will be applied for that profile that you choose.
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