Expensive desktop mouse vs cheap gaming mouse?

I'm looking to buy myself a new mouse as I'm getting tired of the low dpi and limited functionality of my cheap £10 mouse. I spend plenty of time doing normal computer stuff, as well as some light-ish PC gaming. I'm looking for a mouse around the £30-40 mark, and as far as I can see at that price I could either buy a good quality consumer type mouse, or a relatively cheap gaming mouse.
Im thinking of getting the Logitech M705 wireless mouse, Link - Apparently it has a fixed dpi of 3200, which should be enough of a jump from the 1000 dpi on my current mouse, it also has back/forward buttons and a clever scroll wheel.
The other mouse I'm looking at is the Steelseries Sensai Raw, Link - It has a changable dpi of 5760, much more than my current mouse. It also has buttons on the side and some LED lighting.
So really my question is whether I would be better off using the Steelseries mouse, which seems to use lesser quality materials and looks less comfortable to use, but has better features for gaming. Or would the Logitech suit me better for normal computer use and be decent enough for me to use for gaming?
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  1. I'd go with the logitec personally. the wireless isn't ideal but I haven't had any issues with wireless gaming. I'm using a Microsoft sidewinder X8 mouse myself and much prefer it over my old Razer Copperhead due to the ergonomics and button placement. are there any other mice that tickle your fancy? I would think there were better options for up to £50.
  2. Sorry for the late response, I've been busy lately.
    Thie thing that worries me about the logitech is the fixed dpi is relatively high and there is no way of changing it, so if I find it too much there isn't much I can do. But I really like the look of the ergonomic design and better quality materials. If I was willing to spend a little more I could get the Logitech G500s at £50. It has an ergonomic design, dpi switching and plenty of buttons, but the problem with that is that it is quite a big mouse, and my hands aren't that big (they measure about 16cm/6.3inches), If there is anyone out there who has a G500/G500s could you advise me on whether my hands will be big enough?
  3. So is there anyone out there with a Logitech G500/G500s who can tell me whether I will be OK with a Logitech G500s with my small-ish hands (around 16cm/6.3 inches)?
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