Upgrading an old school PC (D101GGC motherboard)

I have a PC with D101GGC motherboard. It supports 2 DDR1 RAMs. Its socket is LGA775. The motherboard manual says that Pentium 4, Pentium D 820, Celeron D processors are supported.

I currently have Pentium 4 511 (2.8GHz) Prescott. I want to upgrade it. Will one of the hyperthreaded pentium 4's support? What about the Pentium 4 700's. Which Pentium 4 is best for my motherboard?
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  1. By the way, I like this processor : Pentium 4 672 (3.8 GHz, 2MB L2, 800 MHz FSB) (

    {[( EDIT )]}
    Just found out that Pentium D 950 (3.4 GHz, dual core, 4MB Cache, 800MHz FSB) is supported on my motherboard. Should I go for it? ( )
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    If you can get a D950 dirt cheap then it will be worth while upgrade, other updates not financially worth it.
  3. Any website from which I can get it? I live in India.
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