Did I just hit 5Ghz on my i5-4670k setup?

Hi There,

First off, I am entirely new to overclocking and I have absolutely no idea what I'm doing. I think it would be best for me to read the sticky's etc. before I do anything further...

I just upgraded my system and here are the specs:

GTX 770 oc Windforce 4GB
Asus Z87-Pro (yes the ugly gold one)
16GB Corsair Vengeance 1600
XSPC RayStorm 750 RS360
Samsung 840 256GB SSD + 2TB media drive
Thermal take Litepower 700W PSU
Thermal take Armor + case

I upgraded the CPU, motherboard and GPU a couple of days ago and bought/installed the Raystorm kit today (after some case modification). All of the components I just bought were based on recommendations from users on this forum.

I ran the Asus AI Suite 3 4-Way Optimisation and it stopped at 5100mhz and then auto-reset my PC. If I'm reading it right, it's now saying that I am clocked at 5Ghz with a CPU increase of 38%... Is that even possible?

My CPU temp sits at 20 degrees celsius at idle, and around 40-42 degrees after playing BF3 on ultra for 30 minutes, see screenshot below (sorry email confirmation isn't getting through so I can't embed picture):

The Raystorm kit seems to be doing a bloody good job.

I hope to learn a lot from you guys, next step is to loop in my GPU and OC. I will learn a bit more before I do that though...
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  1. Best answer
    Indeed 5Ghz.

    Nice and cool too. ;)
  2. Congratulations, looks like u just hit the silicon jackpot
  3. Thanks! Sounds as though I'm very lucky. It's a Malay chip if anyone is wondering (bought in New Zealand).
  4. I have the same CPU and MOBO and cant even get it to auto optimise OC. Blue screens immediately after 1st reboot as ASUS first Core is 41 multiplyer. I have 1800hz corsair and H100i cooler and it just fails to OC :( You are very very lucky
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