A bit confused about RAM voltage and a motherboard

Hello everyone, I'm curious.

I'm looking at upgrading a little, my build can be found here.

at the bottom of the screen there is compatibility issue, between the MB and the RAM voltage. Will the RAM still run or should I choose a different RAM set? I've been trying to find this out all over the forums but haven't found anything conclusive.
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    The Kingston DRAM which is a basic entry level set of sticks 1600/9 they show as 1.65 - for this type DRAM the norm is 1.5 and is what Intel calls for....Often that high of a voltage for simple 1600/9 sticks can be indicative of weak ICs (memory chips)...I don't touch 1.65 sticks unless they are 2133 and up, which is where the voltage may be needed
  2. The RAM you selected was probably made for the first gen i7s which had a RAM voltage of 1.65. You would be better off looking for a version that runs at 1.5v. That said the RAM will still run, but probably not at its best.
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