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I'm planning to buy low budget gaming pc,my config. Processor- amd fx 4100 3.6ghz. Mother B- gigabyte 78. Ram- 4gb ddr3 corsair or kingston Hard disk-500gb samsung Dvd writter- Lg. Monitor- dell 20" led. Graphic card- amd radeon hd 6670 ddr5 1gb. Cabinet- cooler master elite. Mouse and keyboard any. I'm looking forward to play games like battle field 3,crysis 3,assassins creed series,Cod series and splinter cell blacklist. Pls tell is this config is good enough or should I make some changes in it. Plzz reply as soon as possible and thank u in a advance
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  1. I would suggest getting a FX-6300 and a better GPU, e.g. GTX 660 as you can get them real cheap now.
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