computer wont boot. CD drive making a clicking noise and no dispay on monitor.

my internet was not working with my computer for some reason and it was working with my other computer just fine so i went to turn it off and restart it and when i turned it back on nothing was displaying on the monitor and the cd drive was making a clicking noise, i know for sure its the CD drive because i dissconected it and there was no noise. even when i press the power button to turn it off it wont turn off and i have to hold the power button to turn it off which is wierd. i even switched out motherboards and i had the same problem which is wierd. can some please help me!any help would be much appreciated!
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  1. Suspect your PSU. If you are having the same problem with another motherboard, its probably the PSU.
  2. is thier a way to test the psu to see if that could be the problem. could it be the hard drive to?
  3. i also not that the psu is a corsair GS800
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    It's very unlikely to be BOTH the PSU and the hard drive. Hard drives can click when they are failing, but you've already identified the noise as coming from the CD drive.
    There's no easy way of electrically testing your PSU. Can borrow one from a friend and see if that boots your PC okay?
  5. i guess ill try testing with my friends psu and i dont think its the hardrive anymore as what your saying makes sense. thanks your input was alot of help and i think you may have solved it if the test works!
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