Buying A Computer Desk- Need MASSIVE Help!

I need a computer desk, and I will be buying it as soon as physically possible. I just have one problem, and that is size compatibility with features. That wasn't really the best way to describe it, but yeah. Please, based off my requirements below, find me a desk I can use! I need help!

Length or Depth: 26 or more inches

Width: 61 or more inches

Price Range: $0-$300

I don't want a hutch, don't want it to be ugly, want it to be entirely one material, no corner or L-desks and I need it to have minimal drawers on each side, with a slot for other stuff in the middle.
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  1. IKEA, you can buy the legs and tables and do a combination of things to make a very nice setup, and at a great price!

    Best are the GALANTS:

    Conference desk is incredibly nice:
  2. Get a computer table with extraordinary price with great quality. place and enjoy. check out here:
  3. Yea i sugest the Ikea gallant serie its the best gaming/work desks you can get i buyd one 2-3 weeks ago and i been looking for a long time for a good desk in all kind of furniture shops and found nothing i was like wow this is nice all whas meh and the price was really high, then when i had time i went to ikea and there i found like 3 different desks i could buy any time,

    I eneded up buying the gallant glass table desk 160cm x 80cm with legs you can adjust 60cm-90cm its the best desk i ever used and it was under 200$ so i highy suggest ikea overall and the gallant serie.
  4. You could check out I found mine on there and they have a giant selection of all types and price ranges. It has desk sales from alot of different stores so is kinda a shop all.
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