New SSD with old HDD-Linking old data

Not sure if I explained what I need correctly in the title but...
Here's the scenario:
I just built a new rig with a SSD and installed a fresh Windows onto it. That's all I really want on it besides a few key programs (only 128Gb).
I put in my old WD 1Tb HDD with all my old profile settings and installed programs. I want to use this HDD as my main storage solution and be able to run all the installed programs and use my profile settings on the HDD from the Windows now running on my SSD (if that makes any sense).

I saw exactly what I needed to do in a thread somewhere on these forums some time ago and now I can't find that thread to save my life.
Please excuse if I seem a bit thick...more than a little hungover at the moment...that, and my mind has been geared solely to hardware issues for this build and I'm having trouble readjusting to software issues now that the build is finished.

Any help jogging my memory into the software realm would be much appreciated.
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    You can go to %userprofile% and right click documents... and link them to another destination. But you can also copy them first to another place before linking.
  2. Thanks for the answer.
    I did find out on here how to set the location for the libraries after some digging around. Not exactly what I was wanting to do but it at least got my personal files linking there so I didn't have to move them.

    I also want to be able to just use the applications installed on the HDD without having to re-install them (which doesn't appear to be something I can do). I thought I should be able to clone the registry (or rather certain parts of it) and use it in my running registry but I guess there will be other files created for Windows to run the applications.
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