Please rate first build, also rather confused about PSU, will 600W be enough? (huge newbie!)

This 600W PSU is £52.

This 600W PSU is £68.

Do both come with the wires? The £68 PSU has the wires included in the picture...? I'm a huge newbie as you can probably tell! :(

Here are my parts though!

i5 3570k
Asus P8B75-M LX
Kingston Technology 120GB Solid State Drive
Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 Vengeance 8GB
LG GH24NS95.AUAA 24x SATA SuperMulti Internal DVDRW Bulk
600W PSU

Is there anything I should change do you reckon?

I'm not choosing a GPU at the moment, looking at HD 7970 but waiting until the HD 9000 series are released as they'll most likely affect the prices - is this wise?

Thank you!

ALSO! Can anyone suggest a few good cases? Should I get a mid tower or would a smaller tower do? I do not want parts to overheat and cause lots of noise!
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  1. Get the 600M for sure. The normal cx600 is not the best quality.

    For cases, have a look at Antec, Corsair, Fractal design, Bitfenix, Coolermastr, NZXT for high quality.
  2. Best answer

    CX600M(wires are included) and 600CX are same PSU's. Modular cables are only difference.
    If I were you I woud go for Seasonic S12II-620. A little bit pricier but much more quality supply.

    About GPU... Since 7970HD is flagship card for ATI in HD7000 series I don't think that it will be arround when new 9000 series comes. Probably you won't be able to buy any 7000 series cards anymore. Depending on your current GPU you should consider buying 7970.

    As for cases... I won't be able to help you since i'm FULL TOWER freak and MIDI or simple BIG tower's are not an option for me.
    You can google "best MIDI tower cases review" and find something you like.

    Best regards :)
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